Cash Bandits Slots

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5-reel, bonus, progressive
Money, Crime
If you haven’t yet heard of Cash Bandits, we’d guess you’re new to the world of online casino games. There are lots of slot games that achieve popularity and success, and this must surely be among them. Perhaps even at the top of the pile or at least nearby.

We don’t want to spoil all the surprises, so let’s launch into our full game review here, so you can find out more about Cash Bandits slots.

Let’s start by naming the developer

It is none other than Realtime Gaming, and you’ll find they’ve since released two sequels to this game as well. That is a sure sign we’ve found a successful slot to play.

Make sure you play the demo

We always suggest players do this before trying any real spins, but it becomes important for other reasons here, as you’ll soon see. You’ll gain a better idea of how to play if you do.

Theme for Cash Bandits

Well, the title suggests that some bandits are after some cash, and this is true. You can also expect to see a bank and some cops who are chasing after the bandits.

The design takes a cartoon approach

Cops and robbers could lead to a dark and dramatic slot, but we think the cartoon appearance of the characters and features in this game keeps everything firmly on the side of entertainment.

Cash Bandits and how to begin playing the game

The game offers five reels to spin and comes with two progressive prizes as well. As for important symbols to spot as you play, there is a wild bank vault to search for. The only symbol it cannot replace is the police shield, as this is a scatter symbol. All fine so far.

They’ve given us 25 lines to play on

This is a reasonable number, supplying a sensible quantity you can cover in full even if you choose the smallest bet.

And what about those bets?

You can choose coins worth between one cent and 25 cents, so this is at the lower end of the value scale. For just a quarter per spin, you’re able to play every line in the Cash Bandits game.

Paytable info

If this is the first time you have played Cash Bandits, head straight for the paytable when you’ve loaded the game. It tells you more about the features and the important vault portion of the game.

Police badges spark the beginning of the bonus feature

It’s really a free spin feature, but since there is a lengthy scene to play through before you get there, we’re including it here. Three police shields open the vault, in which you’ll find four safes. A keypad indicates that you’ll need to try and guess the code for each one. Use the picks you’re awarded when you access the round to try and open one – and ideally all – the safes.

How many free spins could you get?

You always begin the round with five of them, along with a 2x multiplier. Inside each safe there is another collection of spins and another multiplier. If you were able to open all four, you’d get 90 free games and a huge 12x multiplier to play them with.

RTP information for Cash Bandits

This remains unknown at the time of writing.

Our rating could be higher than you think

This is a solid 9/10 game, in our opinion. We think you may agree, but you’ll only know for sure if you play it and see.

Any progressive jackpot winners?

Some have already won one of the two progressives in this game, but of course, there are lots of other big prizes available with those multipliers in the free spin rounds.

Take the Cash Bandits slot for a practice spin

You can play this for as long as you like, but we suggest at least getting to the vault bonus once, so you can see how promising it is.

Play for real at just 25 cents a time on all lines

This low minimum bet per line of a cent means you’ve got a great chance of stretching even a small budget to play this slot for a while.

You can also take the mobile version for a spin

You can do this via Android or iOS devices, on tablet or smartphone as you wish.