Charms and Clovers Slots

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6-reel, 3D, video
Fantasy, Irish Mythology

Good fortune is something you'd love to have follow you around the pokie sites, we're sure. Sometimes, though, a pokie gives you a theme based on that very topic. Charms and Clovers, given its title, looks as if it could do just that.

Charms and Clovers is one of the most visually stunning games we've seen. You'd expect this from the developer who created it, but if you are eager for some more answers, we've got them for you here.

So, who is the developer?

Charms and Clovers comes from the ever-growing collection of fantastic pokies offered by Betsoft.

There is a stunning demo available

And given the many varied features in this game, we suggest you make this your starting point.

Have you figured out the theme yet?

This is a mix of themes, really, as we have a leprechaun appearing on the screen, along with lots of symbols that suggest that lucky theme filled with lucky charms and yes, some four-leaf clovers too. Leprechauns are said to be Irish, giving us the perfect mix of themes here.

This pokie has an amazing design

We cannot think of enough words to describe how wonderful this game looks. With some incredible detail everywhere you look, along with the depth given by a Betsoft 3D game, you can count on spending a few moments just appreciating everything before you begin spinning the reels.

Speaking of reels, how can you play this game?

Charms and Clovers includes a standard set of five reels. Just to the right side of the screen, though, you'll see one separate reel. We'll cover this later in our review.

There aren't any progressive jackpots in this game, but you can look for the clover in the title, as this comes into play as a wild symbol. Better yet, it is powerful en

ough to substitute for everything in action, with no exceptions.

How many paylines in this game?

Charms and Clovers has 40 lines to play on.

Can we find a familiar set of coins here?

Yes, Betsoft has given us access to coins ranging from two cents apiece to a dollar apiece. While the coins are low in value, we can make bigger wagers by going up to five coins on each of the lines we wish to play on.

Paytable details

There is so much to learn about this game, the paytable becomes even more important than you'd think. Look for the VIEW PAYS message to go through and read the paytable before you start playing.

Are there any bonuses in this pokie game?

Yes, and as you might have worked out, the sixth reel standing separately from the rest is the trigger for these. The regular symbols don't appear on this reel. Instead, you get four other symbols. You need four of the same to land on that reel to unlock a bonus.

Each symbol says something different, so you've got Pots of Gold and a Golden Bonus as two examples. The remaining two are Mega Symbols and Money Wheel. Remember, find four the same on the sixth reel and you play the bonus connected to them.

Two ways to win some free spins

You can net some free spins with four Mega Symbol icons on reel six. You'll get a Mega Symbol measuring 3 x 3 on the five-reel set when you play these games. If you find four Pots of Gold symbols on the sixth reel, another set of spins comes to you, this time with additional wilds to the normal quantity on the reels.

Does it have a good RTP value?

We think so, as it comes in at 96.3%.

Our rating for a stint playing the Charms and Clovers pokie game

The only fault we can find with this game is a lack of progressive jackpot. Yet even this isn't enough to drop the maximum score of 10/10. Betsoft has done a wonderful job with this slot game, and we think you're going to agree when you try


Plenty of prize potential for hopeful players

No one is guaranteed to be a winner when playing this slot, much less the winner of a major prize. With no progressives here, you need to check on the paytable to learn where the best potential lies. We suspect the bonus rounds are the most promising areas to check out.

Make sure you load the demo first

There is so much to look out for when you try this game, especially regarding the sixth reel. You never know whether you're going to get a full column of identical icons there, and if you do, you know you're going to play one of four bonuses.

Play the real version of Charms and Clovers when you're ready

Check the coin value you're using and make sure you're happy with the minimum wager before you begin. If you want a game filled with potential, this one ticks that box several times over.

You can also play on mobile

Android and iOS users will find easy access to the touchscreen version of Charms and Clovers. So, you can take this 3D slot wherever you go.