Sweet 16 Slots

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5-reel, video, bonus
Food, Sweets

Sweet 16 could refer to someone's age, but it looks like we're going for an alternative theme here - one that does drop a clue in the title. Could the sweet part be a sweetener for the theme, we wonder?

If that has got your mouth watering, sit tight for more information, and reveals for the Sweet 16 online slot in our full review. And we do mean full…

Are we in the hands of a reliable developer?

Given that the game comes from Realtime Gaming (or RTG if you like), we'd say the answer is yes on this score.

You can expect to play a practice version first if you wish

This is guaranteed with most RTG slot games, and we can confirm there is a practice version for you to try with this game too.

The sweetest theme around…

It's not about 16, the age, but about the sweet part of the title. This game includes lots of candy, so if you have a sweet tooth, beware… you may find it tempting!

A mouth-watering design in store

Most candies are colorful, so it makes sense this slot game would offer a lot of color as well. Lollipops and candies of all kinds crop up during the game, so you're going to see plenty of color involved throughout.

How to begin playing the Sweet 16 online slot game

This is a five-reel game, but there are no progressive prizes available. The game offers a heart-shaped icon bearing the logo for the game, and you'll use this as the wild symbol. It's fine to replace almost everything else, the exception being the lollipop. Find this and you're looking at the scatter icon.

Meanwhile, those wilds can arrive on reels two through five, but not on the leftmost one. However, you can see them dropping into place in stacks on those other reels if you're fortunate.

Available paylines in Sweet 16 slots

Would it surprise you if we revealed there were none in this game? We're getting 243 ways to spot prize-winning combinations here, which is the maximum available for the 5 x 3 game screen.

Betting on this slot game

You'll get a 25x bet multiplier here to cover all the ways to win. The bets are super small to make this an affordable title, with even the biggest bet going no higher than $2.50.

The Sweet 16 paytable

This is worth a look, especially if you're seeing the game for the first time. Everything makes sense when you play, but the paytable shows you all the tempting treats that might land on the reels.

Can you play a bonus round?

Not exactly, although the game does include Morphing Symbols. If you create a winning combination, the winning symbols morph into different ones. The base multiplier for the game is 1x, and if you create another prize once the symbols morph, you'll receive a 2x multiplier for that.

The process carries on for as long as you can create winning combinations from the new symbols and the others on the reels. The multiplier also keeps climbing, with a ceiling value of 10x. When a losing spin occurs, it resets to 1x and you continue with the game.

Free spins in exchange for lollipops

Yes, this is a sticky sweet feature with three lollipops giving you 16 free spins. You can expect Morphing Symbols in these as well, with one difference - the multipliers begin at 2x and reach a maximum of 20x if you can get there.

Do we know the RTP for this game?

We suspect it might be around the 95% mark, but it is impossible to be certain because Realtime Gaming does not reveal this detail with any game release.

Our rating: Did we enjoy playing Sweet 16?

It's a sweet game, for sure, and we did enjoy the features it offered. We'd normally rate it out of 10 points, giving it eight, but since 16 features in the title, perhaps we should double up to give 16 points out of 20 instead?

Receive up to 500x your wager

The lollipop pays out the sweetest prizes in this slot game. The real prize potential, however, lies with those multipliers. If you won through to the free games and got Morphing Symbols through to the maximum 20x multiplier, you could expect a nice return on that round. Fingers crossed!

Is it worth trying the demo?

Yes because you can see how those multipliers work in both the base game and the free spins. It's a smart way to see what you think of playing the game.

Play for a quarter per spin

It turns out that a quarter brings up lots of candy in this game. You can't guarantee you'll receive any prizes, but it's an affordable one to try if you have a few dollars to spare.

Mobile access supplied

RTG always gives you mobile access for its new and modern slots, so you can try this one on iOS and Android if you like.