Plentiful Treasure Slots

Plentiful Treasure Slots
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bonus, progressive, video
Treasure, East, China
Treasure understandably appears in many online slots – so many, in fact, we’ve lost count. Could Plentiful Treasure be the best of all of them, though? It has a lot of competition, but there are many reasons why this game offers a lot of amazing features to note.

Let’s begin by introducing you to the developer

We have Realtime Gaming in action here, offering us treasure and potential in the way only RTG knows how.

Do we get a demo to try first?

We do, and we think that is reassuring to know. You can never tell where an RTG slot will lead you, after all…

This has an obvious theme, we’re sure you can agree

If a slot game title mentions some treasure, you’re going to expect there to be some in the game. Fortunately, we’re not disappointed on that count here.

Design elements on show in Plentiful Treasure

This is a game where the background doesn’t do much – if anything. However, while it might be disappointing to begin with, it soon fades because the reels are where it’s all happening in this game.

Plentiful Treasure: Learn how to play here

Let’s cover the basics for you, including the five-reel format with three symbols landing on each of them. If you want to see a progressive jackpot here, you’re going to sit up and notice when you realize there are four in play.

We also get two wilds with different features involved. The aptly named treasure wild turns up on the middle three reels. Meanwhile, the second wild is a pearl, offering a massive 5x boost to prizes whenever it appears on its only reel… the middle one.

You also get a scattered tripod to search for, so keep an eye out for that too as you begin to spin the game reels.

Way wins replace paylines

And since the game works on a 5 x 3 grid, this gives us 243 potential outcomes for each spin.

Select your bets in Plentiful Treasure

Ways to win slots always give you one bet per spin. So, you need to choose from the available single wagers. They play as if there are 88 lines here, so if you choose a penny to play with, you’re going to bet 88 cents on each spin.

Paytable details for Plentiful Treasure

The paytable looks cool, giving you insight into the special symbols, the features, and other elements appearing in this slot game. If you’re new to this one, even after reading this review, we hope you’ll begin by looking over the paytable before you play.

The game includes a rare bonus

We call it rare because the progressive jackpots are available to receive in this round. The Gold Coin bonus reveals 12 coins on a second screen. With four gods to greet you, each one responsible for a different jackpot, you must match three to receive the appropriate jackpot.

The tripod points the way to the free spins

Plentiful Treasure can give you eight free games, but you’ll need three tripod scatters to get there. We realize that eight spins isn’t too many, but wait… you won’t play them until the cheap symbols are taken away from the reels. This means you can only receive the bigger prizes, and you’ll have far fewer combinations to try and land, too.

We don’t have an RTP for you

This is common among many slot games from this developer, so we weren’t surprised to come up empty on this topic.

Our rating for this slot game

We love a good progressive, and this one certainly ticks that important box for us. The free spins have received a twist here, and with two wilds available as well, it’s hard to give this a score lower than eight points from a maximum of 10.

Watch out for some jackpot winners

With four jackpots available in Plentiful Treasure, we guess this title does indeed live up to its name. Make sure you watch for news of someone managing to do the (almost) impossible and reach the Gold Coin bonus…

Play for the excitement of it

This game does look great, and it is a delight to play too. The Oriental treasure theme is a great one, and we doubt you’ll feel disappointed if you’re ready to get some practice play in before deciding on a budget for this one.

Play for real if you visit and join an RTG casino

The game should be available at all RTG casinos, so that just means you need to find your ideal one to sign up for.

Mobile gaming with Plentiful Treasure

Find the treasure – and the prize potential – on Android and iOS too if you’d rather choose that route.