Wild Fire 7s Slots

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bonus, video, 5-reel
Classic Slot Symbols
Wild Fire 7s is a curious title and one that immediately won over our curiosity. However, with few real clues to what might lie ahead with this game, we were keen to find out more before committing to some spins of the reels.

So, if you’re curious to find out more about it as well, you are in the right place to make that happen. Let’s see what we can find out.

Developer details for curious players…

Most slot players know the initials RTG. They stand for Realtime Gaming, and this gives us the owner and creator of this slot game.

Demo possibilities

A demo is not a possibility here – it’s a reality. That is good news for anyone who wants to spin the game reels without risking any cash doing so.

You could say this has a classic theme

This could refer to classic slots in more than one way, and that is the case. However, we’d draw your attention to the number 7s appearing on the reels when you play, as those seem most important at this stage. There are a few fiery touches here as well, which also makes sense.

Design features to look out for

Don’t expect much of a background, otherwise you’ll feel disappointed. We can confirm everything happens on the reels of this game, although you’ll find some neat details everywhere you look, giving everything a polished appearance.

How to play the Wild Fire 7s online slot

We’ve alluded to basic elements in this game, so three reels won’t surprise you by now, we hope. Each one is large enough to have three symbols spinning into place on each go though. And if you fancy playing for a progressive prize, you do get the chance to do this, too.

It won’t take long to see a smaller reel off to the right too – a fourth one with a different role to play. You’ll only ever see a single icon landing on that reel.

How many lines are there?

You can bet on five lines with each spin of this game.

It isn’t a penny slot

No – the minimum line bet is ten times larger at 10 cents a time. This means that with fixed paylines, a 50-cent bet is the smallest you can work with. The most you can try per spin is five dollars across all the lines.

Paytable details

You can find it near the first game reel, and even though we hope you’re enjoying our report on Wild Fire 7s, we’d still suggest you check it out.

Bonus features in Wild Fire 7s

There are none, which may not surprise you given the small nature of the game.

How about some free spins?

There is just one symbol that can land on the smaller fourth reel, and that is a free spin one. As there is only room for one symbol on that reel, all you need to do is to find it. If it does spin into place there, you’ll get seven free spins offering a giant 5x multiplier on all the prizes you can find.

RTP details

We can keep this part short because RTG has followed its usual pattern of not releasing this detail.

What did we think of Wild Fire 7s?

If 50 cents a go isn’t too pricey for you, we think you’ll like this alternative to a more familiar three-reel slot game. There are familiar elements here, dovetailing with more unusual ones. Seven out of 10 would be a good score for Wild Fire 7s.

There is another symbol to spot on the fourth reel...

There isn’t much chance of spotting it though because it is the jackpot symbol. If you did see it, the progressive jackpot would drop into your account.

The demo helps you become familiar with the game

It does, and with lots of entertainment in store, this is better than a standard three-reel slot.

Play for real if you have the budget for it

Remember that you must bet 50 cents for a shot at receiving prizes on any of the available five lines. This is far from the cheapest three-reel game we’ve seen.

Mobile action available too

Android and iOS slot fans will be delighted to hear that, we’re sure.