Sparky 7 Slots

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bonus, video, 3-reel
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Well, we have a sparky title for this game, so does that suggest anything to do with the theme, we wonder? Sparky 7 looks sharp, for sure, and when you load it to look at the screen, it might surprise you a little. What does that mean? Well, you can read our full review and opinion of the game here to find out more.

Developer info for the Sparky 7 slot

This is a modern release from the popular developer, Realtime Gaming.

Is there a demo we can try?

Yes, and that’s how we played the game to be able to review it for you here. We recommend you do this as well, as there are some intriguing features to watch out for.

What’s the theme?

There isn’t much of a theme, although you will see machinery behind the reels. We wondered if there might be some electrical activity when a winning combo landed, but there isn’t.

It does have a sharp design though

The title may not make much sense, although the 7 part certainly does, but the design doesn’t let us down. There is a lot of gold involved, along with more than a splash of green, blue, and purple among other colors.

What should you expect when you play Sparky 7?

You get three reels here, with a smaller fourth reel to the side of the main set. The reels are large enough to display more than one symbol on each, although this depends on how and where the reels stop and what they show.

The main eight symbols are 7s and bar symbols, but you get a couple more to look for as well. The first is the gold W, which is the wild. This only stands in for the 7s and not for the bar symbols. The second important one is the bonus symbol, which appears in purple with a gold and ornate surround to it.

How many paylines in play?

There are five, and since they’re fixed, each spin must cover the lot.

Bets in Sparky 7 slots

You’ll need to bet at least 50 cents on each spin here, which means 10 cents per line. There are only two other bet amounts aside from this, which are one dollar and five dollars.

Where is the paytable?

It took us a second to see it, but it is to the left of the first reel.

Look for the bonus Transferring Symbols feature

If you find any two 7s along with a blank spot on any payline, this feature unlocks. Watch the fourth reel as a new symbol turns up there. It then moves over to the blank space to complete a winning combination for you.

Free spins available too

Finding three scattered bonus symbols is the trick to finding these. The number 7 is clearly important here, so we weren’t surprised to see seven free games offered for this trigger. You can trigger more spins as you originally did, and you can also expect the chance of a multiplier for your prizes, although the game doesn’t specify what this might be. You could also get the Transferring Symbols feature cropping up here.

RTP for Sparky 7

Does it have a sparky return to player value? We cannot tell you as RTG doesn’t usually reveal this detail, sadly.

Our rating for the Sparky 7 slot game

This is a cool game for those who like three-reel slots with a few differences. It has more to treat you to than you would think on first impressions, but you can expect a solid 7/10 game here. Well, could we give it any other score than seven?

What is the best potential outcome you could achieve?

Let’s remember the game has lots of prizes, some of which are far easier to find than others. However, you can look forward to up to 500x your bet. You’d need three of the red 7s on a line to get that prize.

Try this game before paying to play it

RTG gives you the chance to try this game, so why not take that chance to see how you fare in the demo?

Will you move on to the real thing?

The game has plenty to share with you but do remember this isn’t a penny slot. The minimum to play the game is 50 cents on each spin, which covers the five-line format.

Enjoying the mobile game too

RTG never lets us down with mobile gaming, so you can find this slot game in all RTG mobile casinos as well.