Lovable Pets Slots

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bonus, video, 6-reel

Who wants to meet some fluffy pets? We did, so we decided to check out the Lovable Pets slot game. Great title, right? But does it give you everything you could want from some cute pets? We're about to learn more about it.

Which developer created these cute pets?

We can point to Realtime Gaming as the source of this game and its features.

This guarantees we can try the game before paying for it

RTG is always reliable with its demo slots, so we easily spotted the practice version when they released this game.

The theme is there in the title

We have pets, and they're lovable, so that about covers it! They've gone for the most popular ones in the shape of kittens and puppies, along with a fish, and finally something else of the furry persuasion!

Does the design match the theme?

We loved this design. It has some calming colors and just enough detail. Nothing is overly complex, but it works in this case.

How to play the Lovable Pets online slot game

Did you think this one would come with six reels? It does, and you can expect four symbols to land on each of those when the reels stop spinning. RTG hasn't added any progressive jackpots, but the paytable is packed with other prizes to go for as you play.

Look out for the W as this is the wild. You can also see a logo for the title of the game, and they use this as a scatter symbol. They both appear on reels two through six, but never on the first one.

Paylines don't feature in Lovable Pets

They're using the way win mechanic instead, and the 6 x 4 format means that we're getting 4,096 combinations on the reels.

Is this a cheap slot to play?

The smallest bet is 50 cents. This comes from the minimum one-cent coin and the 50x multiplier you need to play on each spin. Remember that the bet covers all those thousands of way wins though.

Where is the paytable?

It's on the game screen, easy to see, and one click takes you through to all the information you need for this game.

Look for a small bonus in the game

It could occur whenever you spin the reels and come away without a prize. This event might occasionally unlock the Guaranteed Re-Spin Win, where a free respin turns a losing spin into a winning one. If your first respin doesn't achieve a prize, the reels continue to spin until you do receive one. You also then see a random multiplier chosen to give you between 1x and 7x the prize you've found on the reels.

Free spins available too

If you can spot three, four, or five of those scattered logos around in the same spin, you'll receive eight, 12, or 16 games to play without charge. There is a random multiplier on every spin in this feature, so you could get the usual prize with a 1x multiplier or another value up to the top one of 7x.

RTP details

We cannot give you any details because RTG never releases firm info on this topic.

Lovable Pets gets a decent rating from us

The game deserves 8 out of 10 because of the varied features, some of which we didn't expect. We love the multipliers in the free spins, and of course in the random feature as well.

How much could you receive from one fortunate bet?

If you managed to get the better of this slot game, it's possible to get up to 4,536x your wager from one spin.

Entertaining to play even without real wagers

The game is a cool one and does well to introduce a few cute pets into the proceedings. The features make it nice to try even for a few practice spins.

Play the real thing once you've worked out your budget

Make sure you can afford this one, and if you can, look for it at various RTG casinos online.

Mobile pets are also available!

You can load this game on Android or iOS devices if you like, giving you the chance to take it with you wherever you go.