88 Frenzy Fortune Slots

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bonus, video, 5-reel
88 Frenzy Fortune is far from the strangest title we have ever seen for an online pokie game. However, it does raise some questions. Does the game include 88 lines or does that number come into play in another way? What sort of frenzy are we talking about?

Let’s review 88 Frenzy Fortune, so we can work out whether you might like what’s on offer on the reels of this game.

Who is behind the 88 Frenzy Fortune game?

We can thank Betsoft for creating this one, although it is a departure from their normal fare. Good or bad? Read the rest of our review to find out…

A demo becomes more important here

Since there are some differences here when comparing the game to other Betsoft pokies, loading the demo to try it is a sensible idea.

Can we figure out the theme?

Well… there are some 8s involved, along with a golden fish that looks like a koi, but other than that, there isn’t really a lot involved with this theme. It’s more an appearance and a sense of being in space, as the hint of a planet appears underneath the reels.

Bolstered by an impressive design

We liked the design of the 88 Frenzy Fortune slot game, especially since the theme is a bit murky. The detailed and fiery backdrop gives away the outer space idea, with the design behind the reels heating up in places. Look for the bright blue eyes on the fish, along with some golden 88 symbols that sparkle on the reels.

Let’s play: What to expect when you load 88 Frenzy Fortune

Right – let’s find out more about this pokie, shall we? The game has three reels with a 3 x 3 format, but there is a fourth set slightly apart from these. You can see up to three symbols landing per reel, depending on how they stop.

The game doesn’t have a progressive, and it doesn’t give you any wilds or scatters

either. There are still some special icons to look at though, so we’ll cover those shortly.

Not too many paylines here…

Just one, in fact, and while the paytable confirms that it is fixed, we doubt it could be anything else if you wanted to play this game!

How much does it cost to play the pokie?

Six cents is the cheapest spin wager here, although the plus button then takes you through plenty more spin amounts. The largest of those is $30.

Don’t forget to read through the paytable

This is accessed from the bottom of your screen, and since there are a few unusual features here, we suggest you do view it before taking the game for its first spin.

Three possible bonuses to find

These bonuses can appear on the fourth reel. The idea is that if you create a winning combination on the main set of three reels, the fourth one could enhance that combination.

The first possibility is that you might find the 18x BET logo. This can give you either 8x or 18x your triggering bet. Next up is a purple 8x WIN logo. This can trigger one of three multiplier values to apply to whatever you’ve won on the main reel set. The multipliers are 2x, 5x, and 8x.

Finally, there is a RESPIN logo with two arrows spinning around it. If this appears, all four reels go through a respin for a prize, where a multiplier worth between 1x and 4x is granted for that prize. If you land another RESPIN symbol, the same thing happens again to a maximum of 5 respins.

No free spins then?

No, 88 Frenzy Fortune works with the chance of some respins rather than the standard free spin feature.

RTP details for this game

Betsoft confirms that the return to player percentage expected for this three-reel game lands at an even 96%.

What’s our rating?

We weren’t too sure about this one to begin with. It is a real departure for Betsoft,

but it turned out to be one of those games that has a lot on offer when you begin spinning the reels. The graphics are amazing, as the reels become fiery with flames when you spin them. The fourth reel is the highlight here, giving you a chance to improve on your spin if something lands on the line. On balance, we believe a score of 7.5 points out of 10 is fair for this pokie.

Prize amounts are based on your selected bet

This means you need to check you’ve selected the correct bet before you begin playing the game. You can then review the amounts in the paytable to find out what’s what. And remember that any multipliers that land on the fourth reel can improve on the result of a successful spin.

Spin the demo reels to find out more

This is not your average Betsoft slot, yet it is packed with far more features than you’d expect from a basic three-reel slot. Basic… this isn’t! Play the demo to find out more about it.

Will you move on to play for real?

The pokie game is likely to appeal to those who are enjoying classic slots with a modern twist. Thanks to the vibrant design and extra features, we think 88 Frenzy Fortune is going to have a large audience given the six-cent minimum spin bet.

Mobile action to look forward to

You’ve also got the chance to play on smartphones and tablets if you would rather try that route to finding some prizes courtesy of that fourth reel.