What Makes a Series of Slot Games Popular?

Age of the Gods, the Cash Bandits series, the Rich Wilde slots… all these have one thing in common. They all feature at least three slots under that name.

Some players love playing slot game series, and we must admit we are among them. With so many reasons why these series become popular, we thought we’d look at the main ones here.

Sequels build on the original game’s success

The first game in any future series is rarely thought of as such. The developer releases it to see how it does. There might be a vague thought that the game has potential to become the first in a series. However, no developer would ready themselves to make more unless the first title proved itself.

With a series of slots, each successive game must be better than the one before. Some series achieve this better than others. However, there are always lots of thrills to enjoy during a series. And that is part of the appeal.

Exploring more of the same theme

Some themes are hugely successful. We can name the Greek gods, the adventure theme, and the cops and robbers theme as per Cash Bandits.

The ancient Gods theme lets the Age of the Gods series explore a different god each time. However, in some cases, it isn’t as much the theme that works well, it is the way it is used.

The best example of this is the Cash Bandits series. If you have played it, you’ll know that the famous Vault is central to the action. This gives you a chance to get to that round and see how many free spins you can reveal from inside any of the vaults. With each sequel, the potential becomes bigger, with more spins and bigger multipliers on offer in each case.

The bigger and better element is popular with players

Since most slot game sequels tend to be bigger and often bolder than the one before, players want to see what has changed. They look for bigger prizes or more of them. They may look for different ways to find features in the game, or more features from the beginning.

With lots of ways software developers can approach this challenge, it is superb to find some chances to play a series of slots where all the titles feel different.

Have you tried any slot series yet?

If not, we hope our quick take on the subject helps convince you to try some. With lots of amazing features, formats, and prizes out there, all you need to do is to find a series of games that appeals to your needs. Look for a popular theme that you like and see where it takes you as you embark on the series to see what’s what.