Social Casinos

Have you spotted any social casinos online lately? There are a few popular ones around, and we have noticed two or three new ones appearing as well.

If you’re more familiar with playing at standard casinos, where you can choose to play demos for entertainment or the real games for cash prizes, you might wonder why social casinos have hit the big time. Here are our thoughts on this topic.

You don’t pay to play the games

This is the appeal for some people. We don’t all want to part with cash to play the real games. Some of us would simply like to enjoy spinning the reels of casino slots and seeing what happens. There are plenty of games where you can play like this, and while many people love playing for real cash, others don’t have that affinity with the games. At social casinos, they don’t need to worry about this aspect.

You can follow the progress of friends and family

If some of the people you know like playing these games as well, you can follow them on a social media site to see how they’re getting on. Social casinos often have various levels to access, with new games available to play on each one.

This means you can compete against people you know, along with the opportunity to link up with some new online friends if you wish.

You can enjoy the games just for entertainment

We’ve noticed that lots of the slots and other games on these websites have varied features in them. Some are simple enough, but others have free spins and the chance to unlock a bonus or two.

You can still enjoy all these features even without making bets on them. The casinos usually give you practice chips when you join, and you can use those to play as you wish. Some release more coins every few hours, so you can look forward to taking some more spins on the games you love.

You can log in using Facebook

You may occasionally see another social media site to sign up with, but mostly it is Facebook. This means you don’t need to set up another account with more login

details to remember. If you know your Facebook login, you can just sign in using that whenever you want to play more casino games.

You can see the many reasons why people love these casinos and why social gaming is a great way to explore many slots and other games online as well. Have you tried it yet?